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Tally Ho & The Roast Beef Sandwich

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  1. Pat Gainham says:

    Been going there for 42 yes best place in the city 10 stars not 5

  2. Bruno says:

    Love it! My sister worked there in the 80’s now i work close by and still one of favorites, the whole menu

  3. Mike says:

    I’ve been in the westdale area since 2004 and I’ve never been to Tally Ho. I’ve driven by hundreds of times probably and have always been curious. Well, tomorrow for Thursday Night Football, I will get the Roast Beef basket to go.



  4. Vicki says:

    My first job was at the Tally Ho Restaurant in 1970. The restaurant was opened by the owner of the popular restaurant, The White Horse, in Paris On. If your old enough you will know it was a regular stop on the way to London. I worked with some great people and we had so much fun. The restaurant even sold live lobsters at one time but the best roast beef sandwich was and still is their signature meal.

  5. Trish Edwards says:

    Last time I was at tally Homes my roast beef sandwich and fries had not one but like 3 long strands of hair wrapped in the the beef!!! I actually had to get the hair untangled from in my mouth! I went straight to the counter and told the girl…you know what she said ” well it not mine; I didn’t make it” I said that how could it not be? She didn’t even say sorry. I stormed out never to return.

    1. Na says:

      They dont wear hairnets, you should see them in action when preparing their food. Do yourself a favor and dont eat here.

  6. Na says:

    Tally Ho is a terrible restaurant with terrible food and a terrible management team, ive worked there before and whatever any of you say about the 70s has long been laid to rest.

    They violate many health codes so be very careful when eating here.

  7. Kurt says:

    Meh, the best thing about Tally Ho is how late they are open. Basilique is a better late night option in Westdale now

  8. Sarah says:

    If you love the smell of cigarette smoke I suggest you go here, I worked here for not even a month because it was so unsanitary. She smoked in the back of the kitchen while making the food. Might be good food but I don’t know how they passed the food safety….. think again before going there!

  9. Andy says:

    We went there on the recommendation of this post, after having driven past it, curious, for years. Yeah. Pretty underwhelmed. You want to write about a great hole-in-the-wall? Himalya on Centennial.. That right there is the place.

    1. Seema Narula says:

      That place is my fav. Total hole-in-the-wall gem!