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The Hamilton Development Boom: High-Rises

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  1. A nice overview of so many great projects underway in Hamilton. UrbanSolutions Planning & Land Development Consultants Inc. is proud to be apart of so many of them. On a technical note, we are not the developer for the CIC Student Residence. UrbanSolutions the authorized planning consultant for CIC Residence and the developer is both Plaza Imports Limited and Columbia International College.

    1. Thomas Allen says:

      Thank you! We’ve made the correction.

  2. Ben Babcock says:

    The smallest possible edit for the Walnut and Main architect: just need to flip the first ‘M’ to acknowledge *Webb, Zerafa, Menkes, Housden, WZMH, as the architects. Thanks for the great update, Thomas!

    1. Thomas Allen says:

      Thanks for picking up that typo! Corrected.

  3. Jacob Williamson says:

    How does the Royal Connaught not get featured here?

  4. Jake Williamson Thompson says:

    Where’s 101 Locke?

    1. Thomas Allen says:

      Hi Jake, 101 is not a high-rise! It will be in the next instalment though, mid-rises.