Seema Narula
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Seema Narula is a part-time teacher and freelance writer whose blog This Must Be The Place chronicles her love for all things Hamilton from art, food, and architecture to family friendly outings, nature, urbanity and city gems both old and new.

MERIT Brewing

It’s finally here. MERIT Brewing Company; Hamilton’s first brew pub. Even with the boom of new restaurants and eateries that have popped up on James North and neighbourhing King William li…


With all that’s new and hip opening up in Hamilton’s “smokin’ hot” culinary scene; sometimes you’ve just got to bring it back to basics. Take Bronzies; it’s a…

Best Bowling in Hamilton

Best bowling in Hamilton? Or more like all the bowling in Hamilton. For a city the size of Hamilton we sure do have a lot of bowling alleys and they run the gamut from small and vintage to large scale…