Seema Narula
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Seema Narula is a part-time teacher and freelance writer whose blog This Must Be The Place chronicles her love for all things Hamilton from art, food, and architecture to family friendly outings, nature, urbanity and city gems both old and new.

The Capitol Bar

The Capitol – Hamilton’s newest bar opened its doors on Sunday night. On an otherwise unassuming stretch of King Street East, is where you’ll find The Capitol Bar. It’s on the …

Sous Bas

Sous Bas – Hamilton’s newest club is officially open. It’s the kind of club caliber that Hamilton has not seen the like of for many a dark night; at least not since the late 90’…

The Trocadero

The Trocadero Tavern has been in the Hamilton food scene since 1944. On June 6th it will celebrate its 73rd year of operation. The building itself has been in the family for just as long; originally t…