Heather Peter
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Heather is a restaurant marketer, food industry graphic designer, writer, and blogger for hamiltonsmallfries.com. Also an avid home cook when not out supporting the local food scene, Heather immerses herself into the culinary community at every chance she gets. Beyond food, Heather loves tea, animals, and exploring Hamilton's green spaces.

THUYA Floral Arts

Tasha Lee Van Dinther had always had a love of plants and green things, but as a bartender for fifteen years, didn’t get much time to pursue this passion. Tasha attributes living in Montreal, seeing a…

Breezy Corners

Breezy Corners Family Restaurant As the name suggests, on a breezy corner out on number 6 North in Freelton, you will find the Breezy Corners Family Restaurant. The Freelton restaurant is the original…