Heather Peter
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Heather is a restaurant marketer, food industry graphic designer, writer, and blogger for hamiltonsmallfries.com. Also an avid home cook when not out supporting the local food scene, Heather immerses herself into the culinary community at every chance she gets. Beyond food, Heather loves tea, animals, and exploring Hamilton's green spaces.

Crawford Lake

With that negative 20 weather creeping in and the Holiday season over, it can be extremely alluring to cozy up by the fire with a cuppa tea and hibernate for the rest of the winter. But when a local c…

Carluke Orchards

If you think Carluke Orchards is a day-trip best left to Autumn, think again. This little Farm Market on the edge of Ancaster has all that you need for Holiday entertaining – not to mention that…

Brux House

I’m going to come right out and say it, Brux House is one of the top restaurants in Hamilton. The calibre of restaurant they are is on par with any Toronto hot-spot, and this Belgian-inspired restaura…